This is Trail Maintenance: part 2

This weekend I present part 2 of my trail maintenance videos. The smoke in the mountains around Bonners Ferry really obscured the views and my weekend is cut short because we go into work camp Sunday morning. So I did not get out with my backpack and therefore do not have a new trip report.

This video includes footage of the crew at work camp, building wooden-walkways, hand-tooling tread, brushing and logging with the Montana Conservation Corp, and sawing trail on our 2 day/1 night “spike”.

The following pictures are from the spike which was this last Wednesday and Thursday. We do this because certain trails within our district are very long and easier to saw out in a 2 day push. These are long days and long miles carrying a chainsaw, however the trails include some of the best scenery in our district. These photos are from Parker Ridge, the trail our group of 5 was sawed out. Enjoy!

Parker Ridge, Selkirk Mtns, ID
Parker Ridge
Long Mountain Lake, ID
Long Mountain Lake
Granite Wall
Smoke from the wildfires in Washington

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