This is Trail Maintenance: part 3

Once again, I failed to get out backpacking this weekend because work camp cut my weekend short. So this post includes part 3 of my trail work videos. Footage in this video was shot entirely at our work camp this last week.

Camp took place at Hidden Lake in the Selkirk Mountains. The entire week consisted of the construction of a new trail to a summit called Red Top. The trail that already existed was never officially built, just used over and over again by horse packers. So although a faint path existed, we built an entirely new tread. We first began this project at a work camp last year and were able to add on about a mile of new tread this last week. A mile of hand-tooled trail is a great distance to travel in the course of only one week and we couldn’t have done it without the group that joined us, Volunteer Vacations.

Although the weather started promising with sun and mild temperatures, by mid-week, on and off rain made conditions a bit damp but not unpleasant. Then storms blew in and Thursday quickly became my worst trail-crew day to date. Pouring rain, with intermittent hail, cold temperatures, howling wind, and thick fog made for an extremely miserable day. The crew was wet and slightly demoralized, but Friday turned out to be a much better day.

That’s it! In general, camp was great except for one bad day. I have a trip very exciting trip planned for this weekend, so hopefully the weather holds out and I can get a new trip-report up.

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